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  • we have time for you
  • no matter where you are
  • avoid full waiting rooms
  • consulting-hours or personal appointments

Everyone can connect with us online!



Would you like your consultation

in English, Spanish, German or Polish

and have unresolved questions concerning results, problems with understanding or are simply confused with the German health care system?

We will help you!

Pragmatic solutions, personal and discrete

  • professional consultation from specialists for gynecology and obstetrics    
  • help with questions regarding fetal medicine or fertility problems     
  • second opinions, appraisals or explanations

We offer a pragmatic solution for patients and doctors to get in touch.

The Concept

As medical doctors, who have been working in big clinics and private practices for many years, we are aware of the communicational problems between patients and physicians. Often times, questions can’t be entirely clarified or they arise when the appointment is over.

So we came up with the idea to offer a online consultation for everyone. Uncomplicated, transparent and location independent.

Additionally, there are many patients in Germany who aren’t always that fluent in German in order to understand everything especially when it comes to medical issues: we offer our consultation in English, Spanish and Polish!


Specialists for:

  • gynecology & obstetrics
  • fetal medicine
  • reproductive medicine (female and male infertility, consultation of same sex couples)
  • family planning
  • female hormonal disorders (e.g. PCOS)